Wagershare Warning – Shaving Affiliates with Locked Player Accounts ?

Lately a lot of affiliates are reporting wagershare – the affiliate program for the palace group – for abnormal number of closed player accounts in the stats.

When affiliates contact their manager they are told the player has a gambling problem and insists the account become locked.

As far as we know the accounts affected usually show a high number of deposits and amounts but before the wagershare affiliate can verify it the column amount deposited is hidden with a sign “account locked”.

We have asked the program not to conceil this vital piece of information but the management decided otherwise we were told.

Because this issue is not just an incident as some affiliates are claiming to have multiple player accounts closed as high as 40% of the total we want to find out what the heck is going on.

Sure there are customers that lost money and are afraid somebody is going to find out and consequently asks support for a self lock but that many is very unlikely.

Regarding the wagershare revenue share deals : the basic level is 25% should an affiliate request more that is possible but based on performance and exposure on top spots of websites but there is no guarantee you will get the agreed percentage in the future when traffic numbers drop e.g.

Do the stats show player activity from the past years ? the answer is yes but strangely the residual value of the players base dropped considerably lately and positive numbers are frequently wiped out with bigger negatives as a result of player winnings.

We noticed a decrease in percentage of players that win and play it all back which could be blamed by the enomony but ususally this does not apply in most cases.

The wagershare website has been a complete makeover to look more slick and appealing with a more comprehensive marketing tools section the consensus probably is to become a more professional program.

The program never told their affiliates that the merge to the new site with a more complex database their players  base was subject to a change of player numbers a vital piece of information used for audits or to check for marketing purposes.

At this moment we do not know if this was done intentionally to hide the past or just convenient. Either way this does not show professionalism at all.

When promoting the mobile version of the brands we encountered a good conversion in the beginning but tumbled to just a few active accounts per month after the new site update.

On casino affiliate forums wagershare is not a sponsor or listed and this is a problem as several affiliates posted warnings and even accused the program of shaving their profits but none of their representatives is responding nor seems to give an explanation to clarify or defend their reputation.

Because we feel silence or a marketing newsletter communication only is not a foundation for trust and stability for any online gaming company.

The latest news was about closing 2 brands for affiliates namely the pigs casino and jackpot in a flash as wagershare stopped management servcices by request of the owners.

The strange thing is that both the casinos are open for players and are linking to the wagershare affiliate program. If the owners did not want their casinos to be managed by wagershare anymore why link to them ?

Is the program going around affiliates by cross promoting other brands to referred players ? We have not found any proof of this having occured but are closely following any news that can proof it. This is another form of shaving or stealing leads or whatever you want to call it and shows littel respect for their partners that work hard to market their brands.

For all the reasons above we feel it is worth writing about this issue and a warning is in place until further notice.