Roxy Affiliates Program Closing Affiliate Accounts

After many years online as a reputable casino program the Roxy Affiliates management gone bad and decided to activily implement a minimum player rule in order to find a way to close affiliate accounts when not been able to recruit a new depositing player within 3 months.

Not only this is in conflict with their own terms and conditions but also retroactive and rogue behavior :

Snippet of the T&C retreived from the roxy affiliate site : If your account has been inactive, meaning you have not delivered any new depositing players, for more than 3 consecutive months we reserve the right to lower your commission to a minimum threshold of 10%

If you look closely then a 10% revenue percentage is outright theft and is not reflecting any form of cooperation and business ethics.

Once considered a solid and reputable program has chosen to shaft their partners in a very aggressive and almost criminal way as life time revenue was a guarantee stated on their website for their Casinos :

  • Roxy Palace Casino Online plus the mobile addition
  • Casino Splendido
  • LuckyClick for the Italian market

This is another example of a business that has every intention to zero out partner profits which is mainly caused by mismanagement 101, greed and short term gains.

We can confirm that Roxy affiliates never was a big earner for us which can only lead to one conclusion that shaving must have taken place since the very start.

While looking at the most likely consequenses we can almost predict with a 100% certainty that this affiliate programs and casinos will not survive in the near future and removing links and banners by affiliates will cut their exposure on the web to almost nothing.

Soon players will also notice that roxy and casino splendido will not pay anymore in full and accounts will be locked when inactive.

Summarized : Roxy affiliates is a scam avoid at all costs, once rogue never your friend.

or if you are looking for a quote :

Once the rabies virus reaches the central managent and the bad behaviour like shaving begin to show, the damage done is virtually untreatable and usually fatal within days

Avoid roxy affiliates and their rogue online casinos at all costs !