RewardsAffiliates using Live Chat to Cross Promote your Players

Maybe you have noticed or not but there is a PR news article link published by Rewards Affiliates in the live chat screen for players to read when their are waiting for the support department for help.

That article contains untagged links to Golden Tiger / Casino Classic and Casino Action on which players can click and sign up with no credit for the affiliate (unless you are the first referrer)

We think that is infair and is another example to go around affiliates by not having to pay commissions for newly referred players. With all these leaks ( as explained in previous RA posts) you player value will decrease over time or vanish at all when a player opens multiple accounts through untagged links.

Players for life or player value if you like will be once again subject to inhouse marketing campaigns designed to cross promote referred leads from affiliates in order avoid paying for commissions as players will probably open multiple accounts, chances they will play under your affiliate tag will become slimmer each day.

What happens next is that you will get paid for a player that is active and tagged with your id to your affiliate account but profits will be cut in a certain % depending how much a swinger your player is and ofcourse if he or she is vulnerable to the Rewards Affiliates cross promoting campaigns.

All in all another big thumbs down for this program not adhering to industry standards for gambling where one should get the credit for the lead / referral.