Rewards Affiliates Stats Problems

When clicking on a casino player number for the wagering numbers the rewards affiliates stats program did not show any total numbers for games all wagered like blackjack, table games and slots where the player has been betting on since September 2010. My first assumption this was a database problem but after checking another high value player it produced the same outcome : no total revenue stats. Besides that that first player made bets for a full week longer than was displayed in the stats. After we reposted this on the gambling affiliate forum :

GPWA : Rewards Affiliates stats issue

The player suddenly played again. It took a while before Renee from RewardsAffiliates replied to my question, probably because we started the thread with all evidence that casino rewards has been cross promoting players for each brand they have since they started.

Renee resumed with a reply on February 14 – 2012 :

I think you are reading too much into it.

It could be any number of reasons why this happens. DB issues, website issues (one issue on the site affecting other things).
As I mentioned, my dev guy left, and it’s possible that he left things unfinished (actually very likely) that could affect other stuff.. So I’m having someone check out the whole site.

We find this a very strange answer not only because the new website has not been checked before going live and on the other hand we as an affiliate still do not know what happened and why. At this moment we have not received any explanation from Rewardsaffiliates, would you like to be treated this way ?

It could very well be that our stats have been manipulated but at this moment we do not have proof, all we notice from the stats that less old players play and wager much less than before we started sharing their problems.