Rewards Affiliates Shaving with Cross Promotion

Rewards Affiliates Program is ROGUE for shaving by cross promoting all gambling sites with no credit to the casino affiliate.

Rewards Affiliates has become a bad program for those that want to enjoy from some residual income as recently the affiliate program for the 30 plus casinos all combined and branded via the Casino Rewards site has been caught shaving affiliate revenue by cross promoting already referred players from affiliates. With winning a lot of rewards and a popular affiliate manager “R.M.” most webmasters thought this program would never steal from them. How wrong can one be, I will explain that in the next paragraph. First lets talk about how they do business and make huge profits from their marketing campaigns.

Casino Rewards Branding efforts

You will quickly notice that all their microgaming powered casinos and poker rooms have been labelled with the Casino Rewards logo, in addition all the casino lobbies were the players spent their time and money get the same presentation, this icon is not small neither it can be overlooked as it is centered. One can argue if this is a good thing for all we know their branding is very present and is annoying to players that already know their brands as a consequence. How do they know this you may ask yourself, just read the chapter about the links to the CR site and you will know.

All Casinos link to the Casino Rewards site !

For more information about security, deposit help and where to claim the comp points players will be redirected to the Casino Rewards site (you can visit any CR casino and see that the menu links have pages to CasinoRewards partner casinos) to either see what their deposit options are and how comp points have been earned so far. If this site was only for informational purposes this would be ok but links to all 30 plus sister casinos, I think that will distract you referred player. Although most of the links to the CR site are tracking now (only after many posts on GPWA and AGD) the overall concept of the massive platform is not very appealing for webmasters.

Casino Rewards News Mails

A few times a month players will be sent untagged emails about the new games, players winning a jackpot and untagged links to where they play. This means once you have managed to refer a player to a particular casino you can lose this customer quite easily if he or she just clicks on the untagged links and signs up and starts playing there for more luck. stealing : caught with hands in the cookie jarMost of the time, I think about all the time if this players is not already a customer at this new casino you will not be the first referrer as there was no cookie set that for that online casino.  Because you have referred a lot of players in the past the problem will only get bigger as Rewards can use your players base to send these news letters with no credit for the hard work of the affiliate. At this stage you might think ok are there other drawbacks ? Yes there are ! In each and every newsletter players are offered reinstall links for ALL CR Casino including logos at the bottom where they can find their player account number.

Rewards Affiliates cross promoting brands via welcome bonuses of sister brands

Players will also receive a lot of emails from those brands they have not joined yet. When opening a test account like we did we noticed how many casino bonus promotions from all other casino rewards casinos have been sent each month. They even send cd’s to the player’s home address to get them playing again, although this not on a massive scale this always causes problems as player privacy gets compromised. Catching titles and free money presentations in these emails get players attention and they can lose focus of the brand they are wagering with. Another way of their successful marketing campaign to harvest players from your players base without having to pay a cent.

Casino Rewards Buddies

Another tool to optimize CR earnings by motivating players to send emails with casino bonus offers to friend in order to earn some money to play. This Pyramid structured game is proof they want as much player value they can get, for free that is. The retention program from Casino Rewards will then send those mass emails again with untagged links to players and the circle is complete.

End Result of Promoting Casino Rewards Brands

At first you may have some good results but after some time you will notice commissions will fade away and you will be constantly hampered to send high value players to their casinos with the risk of losing them instantly. We have been affiliated with this program for a few years now and one must send more and more traffic to get the same level of profits. Sure some players stick to their casinos but most have more that one account (who do you think has the most chance to have most of these accounts ? CR right ! ) so you will see players making some bets but not the way it used to be. One time we asked where our good player went and we were told he had 14 accounts and not playing with ours!

Main Affiliate marketing team members :

R.M.  : Affiliate Coordinator at ITS Management / Rewardsaffiliates manager and forum representative.