Rewards Affiliates SEO problems

In February 2012 an affiliate pointed out that Rewards Affiliates brands have suffered a severe google penalty for several sites.

The affiliate manager disclosed on forums it was caused by an update and they are trying to resolve it with Google.

Several Rewards sites given a penalty by Google

By adding the commment “we are working with Google” this seems strange as any webmaster has to submit a reinclusion request and wait for the site coming back in the search results, there is no such thing as a service center to get it fixed.

Because the situation had not recovered within a few days it will be a painful process for the SEO team to make their sites more search engine friendly. 

Using suddomains and country tld and cheap SEO tricks

Linking to each of their site variations with subdomains and several country Tld’s to score higher in rankings for their brands was bound to be found out by the crawlers and the new Google Panda update probably has given the penalty.

Trying to get fast results in the search engines is never a good idea but when people think they are successful they start making mistakes and this happened probably with the casino rewards  SEO team too ; feeling invinsable and ignoring basic google guidelines by using unethical methods to get instant rankings for major keywords.

Adding links to CR sites in footer texts

Rewards affiliates brands were most likely also confusing visitors by adding so much links in footer texts by admitting it being for SEO purposes search engines may have treated that the same way and flagged the url.

Affiliates that support the rewards brands have to be careful not to copy their current codes that contain the following clever SEO benefits for the Casino Rewards group :

<!– Embed Code Start –><a href=”xx” onMouseDown=”this.href=’’;” target=”_blank” title=”online slots”>
<!– Embed Code End –>

As you can see you – the affiliate -will give full link juice to casino action by using this code, adding a no follow will not always block the linkjuice.

Adviced is not to use their code but a PHP redirect or any other link management system.

On the other hand you are linking now to sites with a penalty, be aware of this as it can damage your own SERP (rankings).