Microgaming Domains not allowed for SEO

In case you were wondering to register a microgaming domain for affiliate purposes, better forget the whole idea !

We made the same mistake and all MG domains were confiscated by an UK Law firm called D Young. They are after all microgaming domains in use by affiliates.

If you are an affiliate targetting microgamings SEO keywords that are in use by example given Carmen Media you are in violation of brand bidding.

They sent us an email to contact address provided by the hosting company (you can hide your contact details in the Whois but if they have a valid reason the registrar will pass it to you anyway.

I assume you are the registrant of the domain name ‘microgamingxx.com’.

Please rest assured that you are not the only registrant that we have contacted as part of our client’s brand protection activities, which are wide ranging.

In order to achieve a speedy resolution of this matter, please kindly:

· Provide us with the authorisation code and confirmation that the domain name has been unlocked, so that my client may transfer the domain name to its name; and

· Sign, date and return to us the undertakings enclosed with our letter.

I look forward to hearing from you and your earliest convenience.

Simply put if you do not comply to the Microgaming Casino Systems lawyers you will have to face them in court.

Next to that you will lose any Icann dispute :


if your site is in violation of the following :

1. Microgaming Casino Systems will complain to WIPO to seize your domains
2. Date registered (99,9% in all cases you fail to beat theirs)
3. Is the brand/product/company name in your domain? (You lose because of Intellectual property rights)
4. Are you aware of their company? 99.9% Yes because you offer affiliated services.
5. If they win it will be costing you a small fortune, lawyers are not cheap.

Conclusion use your own domain name not having the microgaming brand in it.

You may wonder why a lot of these MG are still online ? Webmasters will get emails / phone calls from their lawyers but simply do not reply and ignore. If you have enough funds to play this hide and seek game you might get away with it but in the end it will not be worthwile as Microgaming will continue to convince you to hand over the domain.

In any case, our client’s demands remain unaltered. Please advise whether you intend to co-operate or whether I need to seek our client’s instructions as to further action.

I regret to inform you that our client treats all domain names issues separately and their request to have your domain name transferred bears no relation to whether other individuals have registered similarly infringing domain names.

Please confirm whether you will provide us with the requested information.

If not, I will seek our client’s urgent instructions as to appropriate action, which may include filing a UDRP complaint at WIPO.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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