Ladbrokes Affiliates Rogue, Lowering Commissions, High Minimum players

Score Affiliates is the Ladbrokes Rogue affiliate program for online sportsbook, casino, poker

The management of the Ladbrokes affiliates programs has changed their commission model to one of the worst in the industry. A standard revenue share of 25% is only possible if you can send more than 1 new depositing player each and every month.  Previously the Ladbrokes revenue deal was :

  • 25% of net revenue -£0 – £5,000
  • 30% of net revenue – £5,001 – £20,000
  • 35% of net revenue – £20,001 +

You may ask yourself who will ever accept that ? In our opinion nobody will but on the other hand Ladbrokes never liked to have affiliates in the first place. gambling problemAdding quotas by a program is a very precedent and if tolerated it can destroy comissions for the small affiliate completely. Ladbrokes Plc is a Public Listed company at the London Stock Exchange with a turnover of approximately 1 billion pounds. With over 16000 people employed Labrokes is one of the biggest online betting companies in the world supplying 800.000 punters with a sportsbook, casino and poker room but not able to pay an industry standard commission rate to affiliates without quotas attached in their Terms and Conditions. Once you study Ladbrokes financials you will notice that profits need to go up for better returns on investments for the share holders. Current business view is a strong focus on brand and consumer by building on retail strength with optimizing machine performance, cost reduction and better efficiency. Last but not least Labrokes aims to be a leader in the Mobile market.

Ladbrokes ignoring affiliates

The reputation for the Labrokes company is at stake with so many affiliates complaining on forums the message will reach their risk team sooner or later. Players do not like betting companies that have online issues and are looking to reduce costs in an unethical way. Rogue behavior will not be tolerated and dealt with by issuing a warning for the ladbrokes affiliate program.

By altering the revenue scheme to the new version “Labrokes broke” the original agreed contracts at their own discretion.

10 percent less commissionThe current commission table is as follows derived from (commissions tab):

Number of Players to reach Commission Percentage :

Level 1 : number of signups needed: 61+ for 35%
Level 2 :  number of signups needed:  21-60 for 30%
Level 3  : number of signups needed: 1-20 for 25%
Level 4 : provide 0 new depositing players a month and get 15% commission

Ladbrokes at Incomeaccess

It is unsure if the commission percentages at Income Access will be changed too. We will update as soon as possible. In the meantime reduce your exposure and do not support rogue programs, thank you !

Labrokes Affiliate Warning

Whenever programs try to steal income from their partners by changing terms and conditions retroactively in their favor it is better not to support these unethical marketing companies by giving more exposure.

Additional information

Board directors and earnings  :

Peter Erskine – Chairman of Ladbrokes since 2009

Richard J Ames – Product Director –  joined Ladbrokes in 2005 as Retail Commercial Director.

John Kelly OBE – Senior Independent Non-Executive Director  – joined  2010.

John F Jarvis CVO, CBE – Independent Non-Executive Director – with Ladbrokes since 2006.

Christopher J Rodrigues,  CBE – Independent Non-Executive Director – appointed in 2003.

C Pippa Wicks – Independent Non-Executive Director – started in 2004.


2010 : 988.4 million

2009 : 1063.7 million

2008 : 1178.7 million

Earnings per share

2010 : 38.5 p

2009 : 9.9 p

2008 : 28.4 p

Stockprice : 146 pounds on February 10th 2012