Ladbrokes Affiliates New Revenue Share Deals ?

From a consultancy firm I got this message :

I just wanted to check in with you to see if you work with Ladbrokes Affiliates at all?  I had a look at your site but I didn’t see any links, so I wanted to check if this is a brand which would be of interest to you? We are working closely with them as their exclusive affiliate agency and I would love to see if we can get you on board with them.  I can send more details to you once I know your interest.

 I look forward to your feedback soon.

I asnwered to this email and asked what revenue share is Ladbrokes offering and how many minimum depositing players do we need to deliver each month?

In our second email we got this reply :

Anything is negotiable with Ladbrokes. I just need to know what you would want to promote them and details on your traffic.