Incomeaccess gets Ladbrokes Affiliates player data late

This does not sound like good news as Ladbrokes Affiliates is probably updating commission percentages in files to actually lower revenues for their affiliate partners.

Here is the message sent on February 22 – 2012 :

Dear Affiliate,
We hope that this email finds you well. If you have already contacted us about the Income Access Ladbrokes affiliate programs, we thank you for reaching out to us.

For the month of February, there have been delays in receiving sales and registration files from Ladbrokes. IA is currently working with the Ladbrokes team to ensure all stats are displaying up-to-date in the affiliate system. Once correct files have been received from Ladbrokes, IA will re-import all stats for the month and your player data and commissions for the month will be visible.

We will be sure to keep you updated as frequently as we can, and assure that all outstanding commissions in their correct amounts will be paid once all correct files have been imported.

Please let us know if there are any questions regarding this, as we are happy to answer any inquires that you may have.

Kind Regards,
The Income Access Team

Update 23 February 2012 :

We just wanted to send you a quick email to update you on the missing Ladbrokes stats in the Income Access Network. 

Today we received the missing February data from the Ladbrokes team and tomorrow our IT team will be working on uploading this data into network. 

We will send you another email once the data is uploaded in the system.