BetGrandPrive is Grand Prive Scam to Mask Bad History

Maybe you are not aware as a new webmaster that Grand Prive previously used the Microgaming Software but changed to BetonSoft after their bad move to cut the affiliate program completely.  After they ditched their affiliates in order to maximize their revenues it literally rained complaints of webmasters that very upset losing their players base and promised life time revenues completely. They probably lost their microgaming license but not paying or because of scam complaints sent to the Microgaming software provider. After that they offered to settle all future earnings with a fixed deal of a calculation of last months commissions, for which the data had been reviewed by Ecogra investigators.  Grandprive most definately provided inaccurated information to Ecogra as many seasoned affiliates complaint the calculated results were far from accurate. That is why GP also have been accused of money laundering and theft at forums and various news sites.

Grand Prive Affiliates and is currently pushing marketing campaigns for 7 brands :

  1. former version of
  2. substitute for
  3. aka
  4. previously known as
  5. which was
  6. plus
  7. was

As you can see all domains have now a bet prefix added in order to mask search terms for a rogue or blacklisted online casino added to their casino brands reputation.

Grandprive claims to guarantee endless revenue potential and having a professional and knowledgeable support team, but as we found out the hard way they are smart indeed and always after your hard earned commissions.

Do you really want to trust a casino program that has a very bad reputation just to earn some money online ? That answer should be NO but there a lot of affiliates that still push the brands of Toprefer and Grand Prive.

They probably are in for fixed deals or high revenue share – CPA  deals. As long as the programs pays their profits they ignore the facts and do not want to see the truth.

In fact all those affiliates should be reported to support casino affiliate scams.