Buffalo Partners : Wagershare Beast merger with Referback

buffalo partnersStarting from August 1st 2014 the reputable casino affiliate program Referback has merged with Wagershare into the new Buffalo Partners program.

This was quite shock to many affiliates that relied on Referback’s prompt payment and honesty. Although their reporting dashboard was very limited and not showing individual player accounts it was a joy to watch the stats that showed the basic numbers you needed as an affiliate to run your business.

Buffalo partners Revenue Share

We had an exclusive revenue share deal that now has been replaced by the basic percentage offered by Buffalo partners. Although they offer a no negative carry over which the seprate programs Wagershare and Referback used to have they way you can increase the revenue share deal is to send more than 10 players each month, the best commission is offered at 40% at which you need to send them more than 100 players per month. If you can not refer a new player in 6 months your profit will suffer a 5% drop resulting in  earning only 20% on past refers. Essentially what this means is that the now departed Referback and profits suddenly has become subject to quotas which means that Buffalo partners has retroactively changed Terms and Conditions for webmasters.

Afiliate links for Wagershare and Referback Casinos that will stop tracking on August 31st :

Mummys Gold, River Belle Casino and King Neptunes Online casino leads sent will no longer carry through after August 31st 2014.

Although Affiliates will continue to earn commissions from existing players referred all new traffic to these brands after August will no longer we tracked nor paid. Requested is to remove all links to these casinos asap. These brands will not longer be available to be marketed at Buffalo Partners for affiliates.

Experience with other Microgaming Casino programs that merged.

Our experience and for most other fellow affiliate partners any merge has always been worse than the original program resulting in a huge financial loss. We have checked the stats and from what we have noticed so far is that most Referback players have not yet been transferred to Buffalo or have simply been detagged. The latter is pure speculation but with all the experience combined by those 2 programs this should be a smooth transfer but in reality it has become a big mess.

Locked player accounts

Following the footsteps of Wagershare the new program also is showing a higher number of locked accounts. If these are rightfully closed we can not prove this ofcourse.  What baffles us that there is no mentioning of paying for the revenue that have been generated by these locked player accounts, no deferred earnings so to speak.

Can we trust Buffalo Partners ?

Our conclusion is that the once rock solid Referback has been swallowed by the beast and probably nothing good will come from it.

Why this assumption ? Just look at the crazy terms and conditions : who will ever earn more than 25-30% as revenue ? Just be realistic this has been a cost cutting job to save money and trying to beat the competition. Affiliates have been given false hopes as BP told them to pay all outstanding balances. This is just a small sacrifice for Buffalo because all future payments will be far less as T&C stating in order to continue to receive the higher old revenue percentage (the highest % you had either with Wagershare or Referback) you have to refer more players than before.

Yes now it is all in one but at what price you realise what just has happened ? Buffalo Partners has crunched the numbers so you will receive less than before.

Disclaimer : this is OUR opinion and we feel this story has a bad outcome for affiliates.