Brightshare Program, All Casinos Blacklisted

Breaking news from the ancient Microgaming program Brightshare has been received in which they announced a retroactive change of their terms and conditions which means that for the affiliate BOTH the revenue share percentage will be lowered to 15% in case of not delivering a new depositing player within 3 months AND the life time commission for closed markets will be lowered to 15% by management decision.

While reviewing some other terms we encountered also another shocking revelation in case a player shows inactivity within 90 days of sign up for which the Spiral Solutions program has the right to remove this referred player from the affiliate in the Brightshare database. This is not in accordance with their slogan as stated on their website : “Playing Fair and Sharing Success !”

Not only these actions are a clear form of theft but also this is a strong indicator that their casinos will become a scam and show rogue behaviour to their players.

The following microgaming online casinos are part of the media company Spiral Solutions  and are now blacklisted :

  • All Slots Casino both online and mobile
  • All Jackpots Online Casino
  • Wild Jack Casino including the mobile version
  • First Web Casino
  • Jackpot Factory and the overall VIP program

Some while ago affiliates voiced their suspicion against the non converting microgaming casinos from Brightshare as webmasters are reporting to send good traffic but the casinos could not but convert and therefore no new depositors were to be found in their stats.

To us and our friends this sounds familiar and because of launching a few mobile sites we have been able to monitor the amount of new players and the same situation is showing clicks but no depositors. As All Slots has a new HTML5 site wit HD games players should be attracted but they have not according to Brightshare stats.

This could mean 2 things ; either our traffic is low quality or they have another set of stats with the real numbers Brightshare are not willing to show us. By ruling out the first option (we have signups and depositing players elsewhere) the conclusion is that the program is indeed a scam.

In December 2012 the former head of Affiliates department Lloyd R. suddenly posted on the GPWA website his experience with the staff of Brightshare and that during those days he was working there he encountered situations in which affiliates got a better deal but his colleague was amending their stats at the same time. “Let them believe they can send good traffic and let me take care of the rest”. Ofcourse he knew what that meant, shaving!

Meanwhile at the GPWA members are reporting Brightshare is still a gold sponsor program and have not replied to any questions asked. Not only these retroactive terms should be enough to suspend their sponsorship but also a warning should be issued to them as this will not be accepted and treated lightly.

As always the BS program pride themselves for offering affiliates the best possible support and deals for the online and mobile traffic but this message has not been well received together with the reduced life time earnings mentioned in the first paragraph.

This new direction both Brightshare’s casinos and the media company Spiral Solutiuons have taken is dangerous is showing clear steps of mismanagement and most likely heading to failure by giving up their solid status of trust which is the most important collateral in the gaming industry nowadays.

When contacting Andrew from Ecogra about the seal for affiliate trust they carry on their website their response was clear : no comments on what this means and rules for getting it.

Not only this shows that Ecogra itself is not in control of their own awards but also a clear money line to the operator and game provider Microgaming.

We finish this Brigtshare review with a severe warning of theft, money laundering and unethical marketing efforts performed by their casinos and in particular the affiliate program for having 2 sets of databases but not showing us the correct one!