Bet365 Affiliates Program Warning

A review why to avoid the Bet365 SportsBook, Casino, Poker and Bingo affiliate program. First of all the affiliate managers do their job but have an attitude, probably being spoiled to work with a big sports betting company. For us it is very important to have a pleasant contact to establish a good relationship with a gaming program.

WARNING when promoting the Bet365 sportsbook affiliate program be aware of the negative carry over for sportsbook, casino bingo and poker revenue plus abnormal brand bidding and seo keyword clause for “related domains”!

Bet365 closed our affiliate account, brand bidding problem

2.5 Bidding on Brand Terms
You may not purchase or register keywords, search terms or other identifiers for use in any search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service or other search or referral service and which are identical or similar to any of bet365’s trade marks or otherwise include the word “bet365”, “bet365poker”, “bet365casino” or variations thereof, or include metatag keywords on the Partner Site which are identical or similar to any of bet365’s trade marks.

The clause below says it all : you are not allowed to use bet365 similar domains nor have keywords in meta tags to improve your seo strategy and rankings. That said the number 365 is also not allowed in any form when choosing a domain name. We had registered a bonus 365 domain for the UK mainly for casino bonuses but as we did no longer use it we put a review about the bet 365 products online. After not ranking for 6 months the site suddenly ranked for a few keywords but no serious traffic at all.  A month after that we checked our account for results but could not logon, it appeared after sending bet365affiliates an email for a password reset that our account was locked for brand bidding, our “bonus 365” site was not accepted to compete with If this happens to you then you are at the mercy of this gambling affiliate program.  Guess we learned to deal with this and that the only option is to remove exposure to them.

Bet365 Negative Carry Over

Being an UK white listed sportsbook and bet365 are given high ratings for their casino gambling, poker and bingo site we thought we could not go wrong or have problems with Bet365 as an affiliate, you may face the same bad situation we are currently in.

3.2 Payable Commission Calculations

Affiliates are eligible for payment on the balance of their sports, casino, poker, games or bingo earnings. Negative commission balances in either sports, casino, poker, games or bingo will be deducted from available commissions.

As we stated on the main page, programs with a negative carry over will make you go insane if you see players playing and making deposits but the gaming net revenue remains negative for the month and the total for the year. We have not been able to recover from a 6 months time period loss over over 12.000 with sending traffic and and the stats show player deposits higher than 10.000 in some months but never earned a penny. Probably because Bet365 bundles all earnings to protect their bottom line. You are probably better off having a fixed amount in advance so you know at least you have some money for the spots on your site.

Bet365 Payment issue

Another problem is that you need to issue an invoice after each month otherwise the negative carry over will erase your previous results (see above). Payment is only via wire or cheque or your player account (the latter is better as you can withdraw with Neteller etc.) If you have transferred your revenue to your player account, the balance will not be affected if left to withdraw which means the next months negative over can not be erased. All in all it is quite a hassle to get paid for your promotional efforts, looks more than a stand alone  programme that does not need affiliates. To us we will never again send them valuable traffic without a decent compensation.

March 2014 : Update on payment

Finally some positive revenue after 2 years (!) so we filed a payment request to Bet365 and the next day we received this message :

Please can you supply us with your bet365 account username as the one on the invoice is incorrect.  The payment methods are bet365 account or bankwire, please note payments to a NON UK bank account commission have to be greater than £500.00.

We ofcourse provided the correct username and 700 EUR claimed is higher than GBP 500 in todays money or we have to switch banks!

We call it another trick in the book of this UK based affiliate program not to pay the money due.

Avoid doing business with these people !

Bet365 Affiliate Recommendations 

A lot of affiliates continue to promote their top-notch brand as they have the all in one gambling product and are trusted amongst players.

If you are not an authority in this industry you are wasting your time with the bet365 affiliate program. Once you are in the red deep you probably will not be able to zero it out some day.

Therefore we issue a warning for bet365. Not only for commissions but also for protecting their name at all costs whether it is correct or not if they have a patent for the number 365 in any domain name.