Beaffiliates – Expect – Everest – BetClick Scam

Head up for those that are supporting / promoting this affiliate program with the rogue venues :

  • monte carlo casino
  • Imperial Casino

We received this email in January 2014 announcing that our account will be closed, again stealing our referred players.

Dear affiliate,
We regret to inform you that your activity on the Beaffiliates Program has not met the required standards of the Program, as stated in our Terms and Conditions. Specifically, Section 3.4 of the Terms and Conditions require all of our affiliates to be active in the promotion of our products and in acquiring new active players.
• 3.4 Minimum Referral and Active Player Requirement: All members of the Beaffiliates Program are required to refer a minimum of five (5) New Customers which become Active Players within the first three (3) month period of joining the program, and five (5) New Customers in any consecutive three (3) month period thereafter. Should you not reach this requirement, we reserve the right to close your account(s), although the option to apply for a new affiliate account is not excluded. Furthermore, if your account does not show at least five (5) Active Players in any consecutive three (3) month period, we reserve the right to terminate your account(s) without further notice
Please note: Due to your failure to meet this requirement, we are hereby serving notice of termination by means of this letter, effective immediately. Should any commission fees be payable to you at the termination date in accordance with the terms and conditions, these shall be duly settled.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

Kind regards, beaffiliates Team – the internet scammers