Affeurope CLOSED : City Club Casino Warning

The playtech platform based city club casino and its affiliate program are closing for good at the end of 2014.

It’s has been a clear writing on the wall for a few years that this program has had a lot troubles to overcome in the fast growing internet competitors that have a more player friendly casino software and more importantly better and decent payouts.  with great sorrow that we have to announce the closure of the Affeurope affiliate program.

We noticed Affeurope had not been very active on gambling affiliate forums and left threads unattended which only added to more suspicion amongst webmasters.

Besides that the management was aware that some affiliates were hackers and therefore subsequent to support criminal activities on the internet.

Affiliates asked on many occasions to stop the particular hacker but no response was given by their management.

To us it looked like Affeurope was desperate and had no interest in upholding any ethical form of marketing. Innocent websites have been attacked and also children and vulnerable persons that have visited hacked sites.

The company is based in Israel and as a general rule of the thumb these Israeli based online gambling venues should be avoided at all times.

At the moment it is not yet certain whether the casinos will continue to operate without affiliates. All we know that tracking links and any promotional banners will go offline in 2015.

Advised is to contact and ask for a final payment immediately before the site no longer can be accessed.

We find the program and their online casinos :

  •  City Club Casino
  • Crown Europe casino
  • City Tower casino

are rogue and should never be given a second chance in the future.

The management probably will make a new (false) start soon, just be very suspicious when signing up for a new program and you can end up with a stolen players base.