Casino Affiliate Programs : Problems, Shaving, Warnings, Scam

Casino Affiliate Programs that show rogue behavior

detect affiliate fraudWith this site we review any casino affiliate program that is shaving affiliates commission in stats by removing players deposits (also lowering it) and wagering results or is sending cross promotion emails with no proper credit for the affiliate as industry standard requires.

Besides that we put warnings online for programs that have retroactively changed their terms and conditions with in itself is a breach of contract. Question : Is bookmaker a scam or not ?

Programs with Negative Carry Over

If you have some winning players for a (bundling) online casino program in a particular month that causes a negative number the affiliate program will carry over this negative amount to  the next month. If you have a few websites with just little traffic we do not advise you to promote Online Casinos or any UK brands that have this Term unless your earnings are high enough to cover the losses. But even then you can put future earnings at risk.

Player Quota or minimum players rule

life time earningsA program can decide to add this in their terms and conditions in order to motivate webmaster to push their program at their websites. If you can not reach the treshold of a minimum number of players as stipulated in the T&C you will receive a lower revenue share percentage. This is a big issue and a major problem for all webmasters that want to retire from their hard work. Best practice is to avoid any of these (online casino) programs with player qoutas. If you send them traffic it will only encourage them to continue this (rogue) behaviour.

Programs not responding to emails

Lately it has become very annoying that programs lack to respond to affiliate questions as the latest bet365 gambling scam when their affiliate program just blocks all accounts and ignore webmaster that have removed exposure or valid issues even with proof of findings. The only thing one can do is to make this transparent on forums and start removing exposure. the latter is the best advice when dealing with all these issues.

Rewards Affiliates Scam

The unethical marketing procedures performed by the Rewards Affiliates group for stealing your referred players it the latest industry scam allowed to continue by casino software provider Microgaming that holds their licenses. Every casino affiliate promoting their venues must realize any aquired player will be subject to spam emails with untagged links to all 30 plus microgaming casinos they have under their umbrella. Their goals is to let you do the hard work so they can tap in your players base later. This hidden ingenious trick including a 50% revenue share teaser – to have you signed up and promote -is one of lowest forms of scams online for those who want to earn some extra money. The hijacked leads will eventually fill the pockets of Jimmy or James Taylor who is the CEO of ITS Management situated in Sydney Australia, instead of yours who sent traffic to the Casino Rewards Casinos. Do not run into problems we made the same mistake, let this be a warning from a fellow gambling affiliate. Another program called Wagershare has added a 6 month waiting period before closed player accounts will be settled. We have initiated an audit at a luxury casino brand of their but so far wager share has passed the test.